Royal Caribbean / Firstborn : Adventure Ocean - "The Treasure of Barnacle Briggs"

Apple App page:

This was a project that I worked on for the majority of Nov.-Jan. 2020 with the amazing team at Firstborn. We had the difficult task of putting together a kid's game for Royal Caribbean' s Adventure Ocean program, in just a few short months. The game would play on large screens and be Kinect-based. As the pandemic hit the cruise industry hard, Firstborn adapted a few levels into a compact mobile app that can be played for free with no ads.

My job was sort of a hybrid between illustrator and concept artist. Due to the aggressive schedule, we had to keep momentum by constantly shifting tracks. Sometimes I would start with a sketch that the 3D team would start immediately building on, and other times the 3D team would already design some things, and that would influence my illustrations. The heavy lifting of my work was mostly the book illustrations and tutorial pages that would start each level off. This was a great challenge for me, since my work is usually character based and these were all environments.

Huge credit and thanks goes to the entire team at Firstborn. I have to give special thanks to the team I worked the most closely with : Benjy Deng, Animator, Dan Munzing , Creative Director, and Julia Kennedy, our Senior Producer

I do hope they release more levels on the app soon, so I can share more of our work. This is only a fraction of what we worked on. I'll keep this space updated as more work is released. Thanks for checking it out and enjoy!